Medistyl spol. s r.o. offers all services covering information retrieval (“data mining”) from both local and global information sources with a focus on pharmacy and medicine. As for information services in the health sector, we have been active in this field since 1991 built on the back of a team of professionals with broad expertise and the background support of a traditional company. Medistyl has also held Responsible Care certification and displayed its logo for many years.

Medistyl also received Certificate of GVP compliance based on independent audit.

Service portfolio

The Pharmacy department primarily specialises in the monitoring both local medical literature  (journals, newspapers) and literature published worldwide, as input to international databases.

Our services also cover the safety of pharmaceuticals (pharmacovigilance) and medical devices (materiovigilance).

Our priority is the provision of services in line with the requirements of the European Union and its member states. We also place great emphasis on the satisfaction of our clients, whom we wish to help attain their professional obligations.