About the company

Founded in 1991, Medistyl spol. s r.o. is a 100% Czech company. From the very beginning, we have been focusing on the health sector: developments in medical technology and prosthetic products, consultancy and design activities in the health sector and medical IT. In 1992, Medistyl expanded its coverage with information services in chemistry, especially by providing access to chemical databases and setting up Medistyl’s own database of hazardous chemical substances called MEDIS-ALARM. Our company has an exclusive access to the database network of scientific and technical information. Medicine and pharmacology became an important field of our literature and database search services alongside chemistry and patent literature. Local pharmaceutical journals dedicated to pharmacovigilance have been reviewed by Medistyl since 1993.

Apart from information services, Medistyl developed additional activities in the 1990s and 2000s:  the company was active in the distribution of medicinal products and medical material, ran its own pharmacy, provided public health services to České dráhy (Czech Railways) for 5 years and developed a system of comprehensive healthcare material supply to Czech hospitals.

Medistyl has been a member of the Czech Association of Chemical Industry since 2013 and defended its right to use the RESPONSIBLE CARE logo for the first time in 2015. In 2019 we succeeded the third time in demonstrating our commitment to the principles of that global voluntary chemical industry initiative in the domain of health, safety and the environment. The Certificate granted to Medistyl can be viewed here.

Pharmaceutical department

In the pharmacy area, Medistyl has been exclusively focusing on the provision of information services since 2010. The Pharmaceutical department provides unique support in pharmacovigilance, with a specific focus on the monitoring of scientific and medical literature. In the local literature monitoring domain, we place great emphasis on innovating our services so as to preserve their unique features while fully meeting the requirements of applicable legislation as well as the customers’ needs. In the local journal monitoring area, emphasis is also placed on wide geographic coverage and we thereby offer this service to nearly all European countries. Owing to our many years’ reliable access to more than 100 international databases, we also offer global literature monitoring services. More information about pharmacy.

Chemistry department

The Chemistry department has appreciably broadened its consultancy service portfolio in the chemical legislation area. In addition to setting-up Medistyl’s own MEDIS-ALARM database and co-authoring the ADRem database, the Chemistry department focuses on services including consultancy and assistance in the identification of obligations within the customer-supplier relation area concerning hazardous chemical substances and mixtures (REACH Regulation, CLP Regulation, Biocidal Products Regulation, Detergents Regulation). We are a reliable partner when setting up and revising safety data sheets. More information about chemistry.

Database Search department

The Database Search department complements the activities of the Pharmaceutical and Chemistry departments by processing database literature/patent searches, both periodic and retrospective or single-event searches. Owing to the unique access to the database network we are able to offer searches in broad areas of science and technology. If you are interested in database searching, we may provide you with the search query, but also recommend databases suitable for your search in advance. More information about database search.

Training courses and workshops

Organisation of training courses is an integral component of Medistyl’s services. We organise workshops and webinars, training courses tailored to meet the customers’ needs and database user meetings. More about training courses and professional events.