Global literature monitoring

Our exclusive access to more than 100 databases is a unique sources and information as regards global literature monitoring and evaluation. It includes important databases such as Medline/PubMed, Embase, Chemical Abstracts, Biosis, SciSearch, DDFU/Drugu, INPADOCDB and many other unique databases. We will modify the monitoring service to meet both legislative requirements and your needs with a professional and clear service result.

Searches can be performed in single databases or their combinations depending on your selection or advice from our database experts.

Medical literature monitoring/searching

  • Literature monitoring in accordance with GVP
  • Periodic journal monitoring (MLM)
  • Medicinal product monitoring
  • Keyword-based searches, e.g., adverse events (AE), severe adverse events (SAE), adverse effects, adverse drug reactions (ADR), insufficient efficacy, case reports, off-label medication, pregnancy, contraindications, product complaints, misuse, abuse, occupational exposure, counterfeit, medication error, etc.

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