Patent search

Our access to scientific and technological database network unites the most extensive and most important patent databases on a single platform with value added and first-level patent databases. It is those databases that serve as a key source of information concerning the patentability, state of the art, legal status of a patent – in other words, information that is indispensable for making good business decisions. We will be happy to help you select the most appropriate database(s) for the most effective result.

Search types

  • Single retrospective searches in both patent and non-patent databases concentrated
  • Periodic searches (news over the past quarter of the year, month or another period chosen by you)

Monitored information in patent databases: state of the art, patent safety, patentability/novelty, identification of the most important companies in the industry (competitors or prospective partners) and monitoring of their developments.

OWe are able to perform multi-file searches in non-patent databases compiling information from all areas of human activity with databases specifically focusing on patent literature (Derwent World Patents Index, INPADOCDB, etc.). In this we are able to assess the novelty of the various procedures and status of their protection in the various countries of the world, monitor the development trends in the various industries and areas and/or specific companies, etc.