For over 30 years, we have been a strong and reliable partner providing advice and consultancy services concerning Czech and European chemical legislation and topics related to hazardous chemical substances and mixtures. Medistyl, spol. s r.o., has been a member of the Association of Chemical Industry of the Czech Republic since 2013. In 2019, we successfully defended its right to use the logo of the RESPONSIBLE CARE Initiative. The certificate and the Medistyl self-assessment questionnaire 2018 are available for viewing here.

Service portfolio

The portfolio of our services does not only cover consultancy in hazardous chemicals, detergents and biocidal products, but also in topics related to POPs, PIC, RoHS, etc. We are currently extending or consultancy coverage with cosmetic products and tobacco products (electronic cigarette refills, nicotine pouches) in response to the needs of our clients. Legislation is continuously developing, the various areas intertwine and we strive to grow and rise to a higher level along with our customers and their needs. Our goal is a professional approach to every problem and high service standards.

The compilation, revision and translation of safety data sheets and labels in accordance with current legislation, such as the REACH Regulation and CLP Regulation, constitute another important part of our portfolio. We like to meet our clients in person at professional seminars, workshops and training courses, whether general or tailor-made, and we greatly hope that they are a valuable source of knowledge and information for our clients.

Specific systems and applications

We also transform our expertise into the digital world of information. We are the proud authors of the MEDIS-ALARM database of hazardous chemical substances and the CLASSIFIC web application, and co-authors of the ADRem/RIDem applications. We also have access to over 100 databases featuring scientific literature from all over the world including medicine, pharmacy, chemistry and patent issues. The databases that are of prime importance in chemistry include, e.g., Chemical Abstracts, RTECS, SciSearch, ReaxysFile, Analytical Abstracts, among others. The services provided to our clients not only include literature searches (one-time, patents), called study reports, but also periodic database searches based on the client’s specific topic. We are experts in the information world. Use our services to gain perfect insight into your topic and always be a step ahead of others.